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UPDATE: Orange Supplies

September 30, 2015


The California Valencia season is ending; limited stocks remain on the market. New crop California Navel harvesting will start the week of October 12; fruit will be available for shipping the week of October 19. Oranges from South Texas are on the market; stocks are tight due to last weekend’s rain. Overall prices remain active at high levels.


California Valencia Oranges

  • Demand exceeds supply; offshore and Texas oranges are being substituted as needed
  • Sugar levels range from 12.5 to 13.5 Brix
  • Quality is fair: soft texture and occasional skin breakdown are concerns
  • Prices are high


California Navel Oranges

  • The new crop California Navel harvest will begin the week of October 12
    • Early estimates predict a small-size crop dominated by 113-count and smaller fruit
    • Navels will taste very tart at first, as sugar levels will be low; they must be eight Brix before fruit can be harvested
  • From September 28 to October 12, supplies of 88-count and smaller oranges will be limited
  • Markon recommends school customers substitute apples during this timeframe


Florida Oranges

  • The Florida juice orange harvest will begin the week of October 12; supplies will reach ample levels by the week of October 19
  • Sugar levels must be at 12 Brix before fruit can be harvested
  • The crop will be dominated by 100- to 125-count oranges at the beginning of the season
  • New crop Florida Navels will be available in mid-November


Texas Oranges

  • Texas oranges are on the market
    • Fruit can be loaded in South Texas and Delano, California
    • Last weekend’s rain slowed harvesting; volume is low
    • Size is dominated by 88- to 113-count fruit
    • Sugar levels vary from 9.5 to 10 Brix; juice content is adequate
    • Early orange and Navel varieties are being harvested
    • External color will be light and internal color will be pale compared to California citrus
  • Both combo and choice grade fruit will be available
    • Combo grade: outer appearance is comparable to a rough California choice
    • Choice grade: more cosmetic scarring than combo grade fruit
    • Supplies are being put into gas rooms for three to four days prior to shipping to enhance color
  • Prices are high, but will level out by mid- to late October


Offshore Oranges

  • Australian and Chilean Navels are available for loading on both coasts
    • Supplies are expected to remain on the market for another two weeks
    • Available sizes are 72-count and larger, with very few 88-count fruit on the market
    • The market is stable
    • Quality is very good
    • Flavor is sweet: sugar levels range from 11 to 13 Brix
  • The South African Midnight variety is available for loading on the East Coast
    • Supplies will remain on the market through October
    • Quality is very good
    • Flavor is sweet: sugar levels range from 11 to 12 Brix
    • The market is stable


With the current supply situation in California, Markon recommends ordering South Texas oranges during the transition from Valencias to Navels.


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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