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UPDATE: Orange Market and Supply Outlook

May 27, 2016


Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Oranges are available. The transition from California Navels to new crop California Valencias is underway; volume will ramp up by mid-June. Prices are elevated, especially for small sizes, and expected to continue rising for several weeks. Below is an outline of the seasonal progression of oranges for growing areas in California, Florida, Mexico, Texas, and offshore regions.



  • Late-season Navel oranges will be on the market through June; MFC and ESS Navel Oranges will ship through the week of June 6
    • Quality issues such as pressure pack, softness, and shortened shelf-life are concerns as the season winds down
    • Flavor is sweet: sugar levels range from 13 to 14 Brix
    • Stocks are dominated by 56-count and larger sizes; prices for these sizes are stable
    • Supplies of 113- and 138-count oranges are extremely limited; expect high markets
  • The new crop Valencia harvest is underway; overall volume remains low
    • Limited quantities of MFC and ESS Valencia Oranges are available
    • Industry crop estimates for the season are up 10% over last year, but remain historically lower due to decreased acreage
    • Quality is good: texture is firm
    • Flavor is fairly-sweet; sugar levels range from 12 to 13 Brix
    • The crop is dominated by 72- and 88-count sizes; 113- and 138-count sizes are extremely limited at the beginning of the season
    • Supplies are expected to increase in mid-June when schools are out and the Valencia harvest is in full swing
    • Most prices are comparable to Navels; the market for small sizes is climbing


  • The Florida Valencia season is ending; a limited supply of storage fruit will be on the market through June, primarily for contract business
  • The Navel season will begin in October
  • Next year’s Valencia season will start in January 2017


  • Valencia oranges are available for loading in South Texas
  • The season will run through June
  • Sizes range from 56- to 113-count fruit in choice grade only
    • Exterior will be light in color with some scarring
    • Sugar levels range from 12 to 15 Brix
    • Prices are stable
  • Mexican oranges are a good alternative for juicing


  • The Valencia season ended in April
  • The Early Orange variety will start shipping in October
  • The new crop Valencia season will begin in January 2017


  • South African Navels will be on the market in late June
  • Australian and Chilean Navels will become available shortly after in early July
  • Uruguayan Navels will be on the market in August
  • Available fruit will be dominated by fancy grade stocks in large sizes (48- to 88-count with very few 113-count supplies)
  • Offshore oranges are packed in 15-kg/33-pound boxes, that are smaller than 40-pound domestic cartons
  • Fruit size is comparable to domestic oranges with minimal differences
  • Historical markets show offshore prices are $5.00 to $10.00 higher than domestic oranges per case

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