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UPDATE: Onions

May 17, 2016


Markon First Crop (MFC) Onions will shipped out of Southern California through the end of the month. Harvesting will begin in Central California and New Mexico as early as May 26; yellow onion supplies will increase the week of May 30. Expect red onion shipments out of Central California and New Mexico to begin the week of June 6. Last weekend’s heavy rain showers abruptly ended the Texas season. As a result, demand has shifted to California, pushing up prices for red, yellow, and white onions. The market will stabilize in mid-June once both the Central California and New Mexico seasons are in full swing.    



  • MFC Red and Yellow Onions will be available in Southern California through the end of the month; packer label stocks will be shipped through the end of next week  
  • Quality is good: skins are now more set at this time of the season
  • Fresh-run onions still possess spongier texture and lighter color compared to the Northwest storage onions shipped through the fall and winter months
  • Limited yellow onion shipments will begin in Central California starting May 30; red variety shipments will start the week of June 6

New Mexico

  • MFC Yellow Onions will become available the week of May 30; MFC Red Onions will hit the market the week of June 6 
  • Overall acreage is slightly higher this season and yields are above average levels; expect adequate supplies this season
  • Onions grown in New Mexico will be spongier in texture and lighter in color compared to storage onions from the Northwest  

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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