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UPDATE: Onions

January 21, 2015

Markon First Crop (MFC) Onions are available in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Packer label Mexican onion packs (into South Texas) will begin shipping by early to mid-February. Depending on quality, supply, price levels, and members’ distribution centers’ geographic locations, Markon will send recommendations on continuing to purchase in the Northwest or making the switch to South Texas/Mexico.      




• MFC Red and Yellow Onions will be available through the end of February  

 This year’s crop is dominated by medium and jumbo sizes


Eastern Oregon/Idaho/Washington

 MFC Red and Yellow Onions will be available through late April/early May

 Prices will remain at low levels through the rest of the season

 Storage supplies are solid, with globe-like shape, and zesty, peppery flavor



 MFC Red and Yellow Onions will be shipped through April

 The crop is dominated by jumbo and medium sizes



 MFC Red and Yellow Onions from Texas will be on the market by mid- to late April

 The first shipments of packer label sweet yellow onions from Mexico (into Texas) will be available next week, but conventional yellow onions will not be on the market until early to mid-February 

o Red onions will be available late February

o White stocks will be on the market as early as next week 

 Spring onions are milder in flavor and lighter in color than storage stocks from the Northwest


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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