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UPDATE: More Cold Weather in the Desert Growing Region

December 10, 2015


Much lower temperatures, lettuce ice, windy conditions, and a chance of rain are expected in the desert growing region by this weekend and forecast to last through the week of December 14. Many supplies grown in the region will tighten; prices will rise.  

  • Daytime highs are forecast in the low 60s; temperatures will dip into the low 30s
  • Freezing conditions delay harvesting crews’ morning start times, resulting in four to five fewer hours for production and a significantly lower number of cartons packed
  • Colder temperatures will also slow, if not halt the maturity of crops, potentially creating a supply gap in the coming weeks
  • Frost-related quality issues are expected on lettuce and leaf supplies; epidermal blisters, wilted inner leaves, and yellowing leaf tips will be issues from the cold weather resulting in lower yields over the next several weeks
  • Markon will continue to update as the weather impacts quality, supply levels, and prices 

 Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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