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UPDATE: Mixed Berries

August 16, 2017


  • California is the primary growing region
    • The majority of supplies are currently being grown in the Salinas/Watsonville area
    • The season has peaked and is beginning to downtrend
    • Warmer nights have sped up ripening times causing some softness and concerns for bleeding issues
    • Prices are steady but poised to rise for September
  • The Mexican season has begun in a light way; supplies will slowly ramp up through September
    • Product is now available for loading in South Texas
    • New crop quality is good
    • Prices are lower than domestic supplies


  • The Pacific Northwest is the primary growing area: Oregon, Washington, British Columbia are all in season
    • The season will go through September
    • Quality is lower than normal due to recent heat and humidity; softness is a concern
    • The market is inching up
  • Michigan is also in season with adequate supply
    • The season will go through September
    • Quality is stronger than the Pacific Northwest with firmer texture
    • The market is inching up
  • The import season will begin in September
    • Expect elevated prices in four to six weeks once Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay fruit hit the market


  • California is the primary growing region
    • Supplies are ample
    • Quality is good; recent heat and humidity have caused sporadic arrival issues
    • Prices will remain steady
  • The Mexican season will begin mid-September

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