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UPDATE: Mixed Berries

April 02, 2015



Mixed berry availability is sporadic; prices are up due to limited supplies of good quality fruit. Transitions between growing regions and weather challenges tightened supplies.



  • Central Mexico is the primary growing region for blackberries; the season will run through June
  • Peak production is expected to begin at the end of April and last through May
  • Current availability is limited for two reasons:
    • Heavy rain/hail in Central Mexico two weeks ago caused significant damage to both the fruit and plants
    • Mexican borders will be closed Friday through Sunday due to Easter, delaying transfer trucks and further limiting supplies
  • Quality is slowly recovering; stocks are expected to increase by next week
  • By late May, more supplies will available in Coachella, California as well as Georgia, while growers transition out of Mexico for the summer months; the Oregon and Washington production will start in July



  • The Chilean season is ending
    • The last shipments are expected to hit the West Coast this week and next
    • Availability depends on quality once the fruit arrives in the U.S.
  • Expect elevated prices and tight supplies for the month of April, as growers transition to new growing areas:
    • Mexico will be the primary growing region in April; the season is expected to continue through May
    • Florida production is ramping up and forecast to reach adequate volume by mid- to late April; the Georgia season will start shortly after (late April)
    • California production is gearing up; sufficient stocks will be on the market by the end of the month and continue through June
  • Blueberries typically grow in different regions in Mexico than blackberries and raspberries; quality and supply levels were not as impacted by the recent hail/rain storms
  • These plants hold up better to moisture and wet soil than blackberries and raspberries
  • Supplies are limited/sporadic due to import/transfer challenges as well as the transition to new growing regions, not weather



  • Central Mexico is the primary growing region for raspberries; California production will begin in May\
  • Like blackberries, raspberry stocks are subject to limited availability this week
    • Heavy rain/hail in Central Mexico two weeks ago depleted supplies
    • The upcoming Easter holiday will cause the Mexican border to be closed Friday through Sunday of this weekend, delaying transfer trucks
  • Quality is recovering faster than the blackberry market; stocks are expected to increase by next week
  • The Mexican season will run through June, when California becomes the primary growing region


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