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UPDATE: Mexico-United States Border Closure

October 12, 2018

The Mexican Tax Administration Service will undergo a data systems migration Saturday, October 13 and Sunday, October 14. As a result, the Mexico-United States border crossings in Arizona, California, and Texas will have limited crossing hours or closures, depending on location, Saturday, October 13 through Monday, October 15.

  • Markon anticipates a bottleneck at all border crossings as the border crossings reopen
  • Markon is working with suppliers to ensure product is crossed ahead of time for Monday orders
  • Green onions will be extremely limited loading Monday and Tuesday in Los Angeles, Oxnard, and Salinas, California

Google translation of the attached official release:

It is made known to the users of foreign trade that within the framework of the actions that the Tax Administration Service has been carrying out recently to improve the quality of the technological services, will carry out the migration of the data center of the customs servers in the period from Saturday 13 to Monday 15 October of this year. The activities will begin on Saturday at 03:00 am central time, so from that moment the applications of the customs electronic system will not be available at the national level. From 6:00 pm central on the same day the service will be restored in the central team and in the customs offices of Nuevo Laredo, Columbia, Piedras Negras, and Ciudad Juarez, the second group of 23 customs will restart operations on Sunday, October 14 from at 12:00 pm central time and finally the last group of 22 customs, will recover their services from 8:00 am central time Monday, October 15, 2018. By virtue of the foregoing, we encourage users to take the pertinent actions to reduce the impact of this window of time, anticipating their urgent operations to avoid setbacks.

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