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UPDATE: Melons

January 27, 2016


Cantaloupe and honeydew prices are stabilizing. Offshore stocks are increasing on both coasts. Mexican supplies of honeydew and watermelon are limited, but will increase by mid-February. 


Cantaloupe and Honeydew

  • Offshore supplies of cantaloupe and honeydew are increasing from larger farms in Honduras
  • Most offshore fruit is being shipped into Florida, with fewer stocks arriving in California and Texas 
  • Cold weather and rain slowed the season’s start and pushed up markets; prices will continue to ease as production increases
  • Mexican honeydew will become more plentiful by mid-February; spring cantaloupe will be available in March
  • The domestic season in the Arizona/California desert will start in early May
  • Weather-related issues including scarring and discoloration will become less apparent; expect melons with sweet flavor and sugar levels ranging from 10 to 13 Brix


  • Watermelon is increasing in Honduras; the majority of supplies are mini sizes, six- and nine-count with fewer large sizes
  • Mexican volume was effected by rain and cold temperatures, but new regions will be harvested by mid-February
  • High melon prices are typical during the winter season; unpredictable weather patterns will increase the likelihood of sporadic supplies
  • Quality is improving; sugar levels range from 10 to 12 Brix

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