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September 25, 2015


Melon prices are rising due to seasonal harvesting transitions. California’s San Joaquin Valley season will wrap up by mid-October. The Central Arizona harvest (Aguila and Maricopa) is starting; expect limited supplies next week. The Arizona/California desert season will start by October 15. Supplies will be tight until mid-November, when imported fruit becomes available.



  • Domestic Markon First Crop (MFC) Cantaloupe is available, but will be sporadic after supplies from California’s San Joaquin Valley are depleted
  • The domestic season will continue through early December; late-season melons often exhibit green casts, decreased sugar levels, and shorter-than-normal shelf-life
  • Limited supplies of Mexican-grown fruit will be available in November, pending grower assessment of recent storm damage
  • Guatemalan melons will be shipped to the East Coast market by mid-November and become available on the West Coast by early December
  • Expect prices to remain strong into November



  • Domestic MFC Honeydew is available, but will be become sporadic over the coming months
  • When San Joaquin Valley supplies are depleted in mid-October, stocks will become available in Central Arizona and the Arizona/California desert region
  • The Mexican season is forecast to begin in late October; growers are still assessing recent storm damage, which may push back the start date
  • Guatemalan fruit will be available on the East Coast by mid-November and on the West Coast by early December
  • Prices are rising and will be elevated for the next month



  • Harvesting in the San Joaquin Valley is decreasing
  • Prices are high due to limited supplies; small sizes dominate remaining stocks
  • Seeded watermelon is in a harvesting gap; seedless varieties will be substituted
  • Recent rain damage to fields in Mexico will delay start dates
  • Offshore fruit will become available in December
  • Expect extremely limited supplies and high prices for the coming months


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