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UPDATE: Melons

April 21, 2015


Cantaloupe and honeydew prices are easing, especially for small sizes. Offshore supplies from Guatemala are available on both coasts. Mexican cantaloupe and honeydew production has started; California and Arizona stocks will be available in early May. Expect sufficient supplies and steady prices for several weeks.   


Cantaloupe and Honeydew

  • Offshore stocks (into California, Florida, and Texas) will be available through May
  • Mexican honeydew is plentiful; cantaloupe production is increasing
  • The Arizona/California desert cantaloupe season will start by May 1; honeydew production will begin by May 8
  • The San Joaquin Valley season will start in late June; volume will increase by early July
  • Expect prices to rise in late May when the offshore season ends
  • Quality is excellent in all areas
  • Flavor is sweet; sugar levels range from 11 to 14 Brix



  • High prices persist, but are starting to inch down
  • Mexico is the main supply source at this time; production has increased from northern regions
  • Offshore production is winding down; most supplies are only available on the East Coast
  • Domestic spring harvesting will start over the next few weeks in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas
  • Quality has improved; sugar levels range from 9 to 10 Brix


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