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UPDATE: Melons

March 06, 2015



Cantaloupe and honeydew prices are rising. Fewer supplies will be on the market while offshore production (in Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica) transitions to new spring regions. Mexican honeydew from the Northwest area of Sonora will increase over the next several weeks. Cantaloupe harvesting will start in early April. Limited stocks coupled with increased holiday demand will keep prices high for the

next two to three weeks.


Cantaloupe and Honeydew

Offshore supplies are very limited, especially on the West Coast

o West Coast ports are fully operational, but it will take several weeks for traffic flow to return to normal

o Some suppliers continue to divert containers to ports in Florida and Texas

Large-size melons will dominate new crop supplies

Offshore volume will increase on the East Coast by the week of March 16 and the West Coast the following week

Domestic production will start in the Imperial Valley of California as well as Central Arizona in early May 

Quality is very good: flavor is sweet (12 to 14 Brix)



Offshore and Mexican production remains at low levels

Quality is mixed, but offshore is superior

Prices will remain high through the winter season


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