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UPDATE: Melons

January 26, 2015

Cantaloupe prices have inched down due to increased offshore supplies; the honeydew market will remain elevated over the next several weeks until the spring season starts in Mexico. Offshore melons (from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras) are available on both coasts. 



Cantaloupe and Honeydew

• If demand weakens due to Winter Storm Juno—a major snowstorm currently threatening the Northeast—prices will ease further

 Supplies will steadily increase over the next month once the spring season starts in Mexico

o Mexican cantaloupe production will begin in approximately four weeks; the honeydew season will start over the next two to three weeks

o The domestic season will begin in Central Arizona by early May

 Stocks from Honduras are forecast to decrease through the first two weeks in February due to rain in the region during planting; expect elevated prices for this timeframe

 Supplies are limited on the West Coast, where ongoing labor disputes at ports are increasing the number of days it takes to unload offshore shipments

o The situation is causing unpredictable arrivals

o Some shippers are bringing in fruit from the East Coast to cover orders, which is increasing freight costs

• Cantaloupe and honeydew quality is very good

o Flavor is sweet

o Sugar levels range from 11 to 14 Brix




 Offshore fruit from Honduras is available on the East Coast

o Limited quantities are on the West Coast market

o Mainly cartons are being packed due to tight supplies

 Stocks from Mexico are limited; quality is average

 Prices will remain high through the winter season


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