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UPDATE: Limited Strawberry Supplies

December 21, 2018

Prices will remain elevated through the first week of January. Cold temperatures in the growing regions of California, Florida, and Mexico are reducing supply levels.


  • The forecast calls for cool temperatures over the next two weeks
  • Supplies are expected to increase the second week of January as the Oxnard growing district comes into full production


  • Temperatures in Florida will remain in the 60-65 degree-range through the weekend, but will heat up to 75-80 degrees by the end of next week
  • The average temperature for this time of year is 72 degrees
  • Next week’s warmer weather will promote growth and increase volume in early January

Mexico (into South Texas and Yuma, Arizona)

  • Nighttime temperatures will drop to an average of 40 degrees over the next two weeks
  • The normal nighttime temperature for this time of year is approximately 51 degrees
  • Cooler-than-normal weather will keep stocks limited

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