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May 05, 2016


Lime supplies will remain in an extreme shortage through next week. Product grown in Veracruz, Mexico crossing into South Texas is 25% to 30% below-average levels. April is traditionally the lightest production month of the year, however, adverse growing conditions delayed new crop harvests and decreased yields moving into May. Growers are harvesting fruit earlier than scheduled to capitalize on elevated markets and strong demand.

  • Supplies will remain limited for the next two weeks
    • Lack of rain has created a shortage of large sizes (110- to 175-count); smaller sizes (230- to 250-count) dominate stocks
    • Quality issues such as scarring and discoloration are increasing due to limited yields
    • Expect rising markets over the next week as demand continues to exceed supply; prices are in the mid-$50.00 on larger sizes (110- 200-count) and mid-$40.00 on smaller sizes (230- to 250-count)
  • Rain forecast next Thursday, May 12 through Friday, May 13 in Veracruz, Mexico will improve sizing and supply, causing markets to ease rapidly later in the month

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