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February 15, 2018

Lime prices are quickly rising due to tight supplies in Mexico (into South Texas), especially small sizes (175-, 200-, and 230-count fruit).

  • Markon First Crop Limes are available from Mexico (loading in McAllen, Texas)
  • Heavy rain and wind several months ago in the primary growing region of Veracruz, Mexico resulted in bloom drop
  • Remaining blooms have now matured into fruit and are ready to harvest, but overall yields are lower than normal because there are fewer pieces of fruit on each tree
  • Light supplies are common for this time of year due to Mother Nature
  • Overall quality is good, but any moisture from current rainfall may result in sporadic stylar/end break down and decay issues (see attached)
  • Recent weather in the primary growing region has been relatively dry; there are no major rain events in the forecast
  • Expect high prices through April

Stylar End Breakdown 1.jpg

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