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UPDATE: Lettuce and Leaf Outlook

January 15, 2018

Warmer than normal weather conditions continue in the Western Arizona and California’s Imperial Valley growing regions, which continues to mature Iceberg, leaf and mix items ahead of schedule by 10 to 14 days.

  • Without sustained cooler weather, lettuce and leaf varieties will mature faster than forecasted, causing:
    • Potential for a supply gap which will materialize sometime from February through March, dependent on Mother Nature
    • Growers to delay scheduled harvests, hoping to stay on the planned harvest schedule and not disc any further acreage
    • Iceberg and leaf heads will become more dense as the plants will have passed their peak maturity at time of harvest
  • Barring adverse weather conditions over the next couple months in the Salinas and Central Valley California growing regions, we expect a normal transition come early March
    • With very little rain and moderate temperatures, first plantings are on schedule (if not slightly ahead)
  • Markon predicts elevated Iceberg and leaf markets when the supply gap materializes (February – March)
    • We do not anticipate historic price points the industry experienced last year due to California’s current weather pattern allowing Salinas and Santa Maria Valley growers to follow normal planting schedules; not hampered by heavy rain and wet fields as were encountered last year   

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