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UPDATE: Idaho White Russet Potatoes

August 29, 2017

Storage crop Idaho White Russet potatoes will be available through September 1. After going through the sweat process, new crop White Russets will be on the market November 13.

  • Temperatures have been ideal during the White Russet growth phase; very good quality and high yields are forecast
  • 2017-2018 White Russet supplies will be available November 13, 2017 through early September 2018
  • The White Russet possesses unique characteristics
    • Internal tissue remains white when cut or peeled, while conventional Russet potatoes begin to darken once exposed to air/oxygen
    • Acrylamide is reduced 50% to 80% when baked or fried at high temperatures; studies show that acrylamide has caused cancer in animals when exposed at very high doses

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