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UPDATE: Idaho Potatoes - Freeze Update

October 11, 2019

The extent of damaging effects from this week’s extremely cold weather in Idaho has yet to be determined. It is being projected that a significant percent of Burbank acreage will remain unharvested until ground temperatures can surpass 30° F late next week. Packing delays are expected through next week due to the lack of available fresh potatoes; storage supplies are still 10 days from finishing the sweat process.

  • Norkotahs may need to be shipped longer than usual (in place of Burbanks); the Burbank crop’s size profile is much smaller than normal this year
    • Burbank size typically ranges from 60- to 90-count potatoes, but this year’s projection is averaging 80- to 100-count supplies as well as a large percentage of Number 2 grade stocks
    • The Norkotah crop usually runs from 40- to 60-count supplies; this year size is averaging 50- to 80-count potatoes
  • Anticipate the market to remain consistently higher than the 2018-2019 season

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