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UPDATE: Idaho Potatoes - Cold Weather Forecast

December 20, 2017

Temperature forecasts for early next week in Eastern Idaho have improved; however, cold weather at the end of next week may affect the number of finished potatoes packed and delay loading times. Markon will continue to monitor Eastern Idaho weather and update further as needed.

  • Temperatures need to be 18 degrees or warmer to haul potatoes from cellars to packing sheds
  • Growers will not ship potatoes to packing sheds when temperatures are below 18 degrees as the freezing temperatures can cause internal and external bruising, as well as black skins and flesh (located on the outer edges of potatoes and just under the skins)
  • If low temperatures persist for more than a few days, packing hours will be reduced as growers become limited to on-site storage supplies  
  • Below is a weather forecast through the first week of January


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