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March 03, 2020
Prices are rising. Demand is outpacing Idaho potato supply levels, especially for 40- to 70-count stocks. Trucks held overnight for loading the next day and multiple pickups are becoming normal experiences.
  • Availability of Idaho 40- to 70-count cartons continue to decrease
  • 80- through 100-count packs are readily available 
  • Washington’s Norkotah market is steady this week   
    • Demand for large potatoes continues to shift from Idaho to Washington
    • Prices for 40- to 100-count cartons are lower than those for Idaho Burbanks and Norkotahs   
    • Washington’s 40- and 50-count supplies are more abundant than Idaho’s
  • Expect both Idaho and Washington potato prices to continue climbing through the rest of the season 
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