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UPDATE: Idaho Potatoes

January 30, 2020
The Idaho potato market currently is in a demand-exceeds-supply situation for 40- through 70-count stocks. Packing houses are running longer hours to generate enough of these cartons to fill orders. Holding trucks until the next day and multiple pickups are beginning to become normal experiences. Markon recommends placing orders in advance—at least seven days from shipment—to minimize loading challenges.  
  • Availability of 40- to 70-count cartons will decrease even more as Burbanks become primary variety packed in early March
  • 80- through 100-count cartons are more readily available due to longer run times required to pack large count sizes
  • Washington’s Norkotah market is elevated
    • Demand is shifting from Idaho to Washington to source large potatoes
    • Prices for 40- to 100-count cartons are similar to those for Idaho Norkotahs
  • Expect both the Idaho and Washington potato markets to continue increasing through the rest of the season 
Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.
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