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UPDATE: Idaho Potatoes

October 31, 2019

Idaho’s freeze event, occurring the week of October 9, 2019, affected roughly 15% of the entire Idaho potato crop. Growers have attempted to salvage as many damaged potatoes as possible, but holding supplies with frost damage could lead to additional breakdown while in storage. The unknown extent of damage is enough incentive for many growers to sell entire potato storages to processors rather than risk excessive losses by packing fresh cartons.

  • Both varieties, Norkotahs and Burbanks, may need to be utilized in orders to prevent shortages now through April 2020
    • The Norkotah crop was nearly 100% harvested by the time the freeze occurred; size profile is dominated by 50- to 80-count stocks
    • The Burbank crop had very little acreage harvested before the freeze and experienced the most damage
      • Size profile is dominated by 70- to 100-count supplies
      • Ample No. 2 grade stocks are forecast
  • Expect consistently higher prices than last season
    • Burbank markets are currently $1.00 to $3.00 higher than Norkotah prices
    • Burbank 40- to 50-count cartons are virtually unavailable

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