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UPDATE: Idaho Potatoes

March 23, 2016


Supplies of Idaho Burbank and Norkotah storage potatoes are adequate. Prices are expected to remain relatively steady, with slight fluctuations, through the end of the 2015-2016 season (June-July). Remaining stocks are dominated by small potatoes (70- through 100- count sizes); large sizes (40- through 60-count potatoes) are not as plentiful. Norkotah volume will start to diminish over the next several weeks; expect the storage crop to be depleted by the first week of May. At that stage, the Burbank variety will be shipped until new crop, field-run Norkotahs become available in mid-September.  


Storage Crop Quality

  • Idaho experienced record-high temperatures this past summer as well as sudden shifts to freezing weather; these factors will contribute to inconsistent size and sporadic quality issues as the storage season progresses
  • Pressure bruising (soft indentations) is a result of pressure at points of contact with adjacent potatoes or the floor while potatoes sit in storage sheds
  • Hollow heart (small, irregularly shaped craters) develops during harvesting when potatoes grow faster than normal due to adverse weather; the defect is internal and can normally be detected at the production level by x-ray machines
  • Markon will continue to gather weekly quality reports and update members on a regular basis

2016 New Crop

  • 2016 new crop potato planting has begun in Western Idaho; weather has been ideal
  • Growers in Eastern Idaho will start planting in mid-April
  • New crop harvesting will get underway in early September and continue through October

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