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UPDATE: Idaho and Washington Potatoes

January 15, 2020
Idaho and Washington potato prices continue to rise. Cold weather has limited packing hours, as well as slowed truck movements on highways. Suppliers will try to utilize their onsite storage stocks, but additional loading delays are expected this week.   
  • More cold weather will cause further loading delays this week; temperatures must be 18 degrees or higher to haul potatoes from cellars to packing sheds 
  • Idaho prices continue to rise, but should stabilize in February and March 
  • Washington Norkotah markets are elevated; demand is shifting from Idaho to Washington
    • Prices for 40- to 100-count cartons exceed those for Idaho Norkotahs
    • Ideal growing conditions produced a higher percentage of 40- to 70-count stocks
  • Markon expects markets to remain consistently higher than the 2018-2019 season

Idaho Potatoes

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