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UPDATE: Iceberg Lettuce

October 09, 2015


The iceberg market has been declining over the past several weeks due to weaker demand and more plentiful supplies. Markon First Crop Premium Iceberg Lettuce is sporadic; Markon Best Available is currently being packed due to light carton weights. Prices are expected to rebound within the next 10 days, as the Salinas season winds down, and the industry transitions from Salinas to the desert growing regions of Imperial Valley, California and Yuma, Arizona.


  • Last week’s light rain spurred growth
  • Most growers plant more in the fall when regional growing areas stop harvesting, tightening overall stocks
  • Markon predicts short-term lower pricing, but the market will rise again soon as industry supplies tighten, quality issues persist, and yields drop as the Salinas season winds down
    • Most growers are 7 to 10 days ahead of harvesting schedules
    • Because there is even more warm weather in the forecast over the next several days, production will be pushed even further ahead
    • A potential gap between the Salinas/Huron and the Yuma seasons will keep prices elevated
    • Yields are expected to decrease over the next several weeks
  • Markon will continue to update about the market, supply levels, and quality conditions as the Salinas season concludes and the transition to the desert growing region approaches


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