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UPDATE: Hurricane Newton

September 06, 2016

Hurricane Newton is currently located near the southeastern coast of Baja, Mexico after making landfall on early Tuesday, September 6. The system is moving northeast into Mexico’s mainland with a second landfall expected by Wednesday, September 7. Although the storm will weaken as it sweeps across the peninsula, significant rainfall is expected in the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Sonora through mid-week.


Hermosillo, in the Sonora growing region, is the main area for growing cucumbers, hard squash, melons, and soft squash during the months of October and November. Sustained wind speeds between 50 and 75 mph may cause bloom drop and scarring in both regions. The storm’s impact could push harvesting start dates into mid-October. 

  • Hurricane Newton will spread through the southern Baja Peninsula today and head toward northwest Mexico by late Tuesday
  • A second landfall is expected in northwest Mexico early Wednesday
  • Sustained winds of 78 mph, with gusts up to 116 mph are forecast
  • Rainfall totals of 8 to 12 inches are expected in Southern Baja; 5 to 10 inches will fall in Northwestern Mexico
  • The system will move into the Southwest U.S. later this week; however, the expected rainfall will not impact the Yuma, Arizona growing region
  • Click here for the location of Hurrican Newton

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