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UPDATE: Heat Damage in Strawberry Crops

September 28, 2016

Please click here to view a Markon Live from the Fields video about quality and supply issues in strawberry crops caused by a recent heat spike in the Salinas and Watsonville, California growing regions.

  • Markon First Crop Strawberries are not available; Markon Best Available is being substituted temporarily
  • Temperatures in the Salinas and Watsonville growing regions have climbed as high as 101 degrees over the last three days (click here and here to view the damaged strawberries)
  • Strawberries are particularly sensitive to excessive heat, especially berries that are directly exposed for long periods
  • Not all fruit is damaged, but yields will fall due to higher cull rates
  • The hot weather is also expected to cause soft texture and reduce berry size; fruit ripens faster than it grows after heat spikes
  • Markon inspectors are monitoring quality closely and will update further as needed
  • Click here for another picture of strawberries with sun burn

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


John Galvez
Quality Assurance


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