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UPDATE: Green Onions and Cilantro

January 05, 2016


Green onion and cilantro supplies are decreasing. Cold weather in the Northern growing regions of Mexico and Ventura, California over the past several weeks combined with this week’s rain are drastically reducing stocks. Both markets are escalating. Expect elevated prices and low volume for the next several weeks.


Green Onions

  • Cold weather has slowed maturity
  • This week’s rain will increase quality issues, hinder harvesting, and reduce yields
  • Large sizes are extremely limited; the majority of onions being harvested are small (length and diameter); cold weather has inhibited maturity
  • 48-count iced green onions are reaching the low to mid-$30.00 range
  • The market is expected to reach second-tier trigger levels for Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Green Onions, on Monday, January 11
  • More rain is forecast for tonight, Tuesday, January 5 as well as Thursday, January, 7
  • Freezing temperatures are expected to return again Saturday, January 9 through Monday, January 11


  • Cold, rainy weather is damaging cilantro supplies
  • Prices for 30-count bunch cilantro are rising into the high teens/low 20s
  • Heavy rains in the Ventura, California growing regions today, January 5 and tomorrow, January 6 will limit production, diminish yields, and tighten supplies
  • Reduced shelf-life is a concern
    • The poor weather is stressing plant structure
    • Premature yellowing is becoming a problem
  • The market is expected to reach first-tier trigger levels for RSS Cilantro by early next week

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