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UPDATE: Green Onions

January 05, 2017



Prices will remain elevated for several weeks. Rain in the Baja region of Mexico over the last several weeks coupled with cool temperatures will lower yields and keep the market active through January.


  • Prices for Ready-Set-Serve Green Onions hit first trigger levels on December 30, 2016; second tier levels are expected to be reached next week
  • Turmoil in Mexico regarding a new government fuel policy implemented January 1, 2017 is causing delayed border crossings and supply disruptions
  • Prices are being pushed up by higher fuel costs and challenges including fuel shortages, local protests, and road closures
  • Rain and high winds in Mexicali over the last two weeks have affected plants that were scheduled to be harvested over the next two to three weeks
  • Supplies are forecast to meet average volume
  • Expect high prices through the month of January

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