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UPDATE: Green Beans

October 26, 2016

Green bean supplies are extremely limited due to rain damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. The storm’s impact affected transitional fields in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, creating a short-term gap as production shifts into Florida and Texas. More plentiful supplies are expected by November 14 while these new regions ramp up over the next two weeks. Expect elevated prices through mid-November.

  • Severe impact from Hurricane Matthew damaged fields in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee
  • Production will ramp up in Florida and Texas over the next two weeks
  • Most orders are being filled, however availability is day to day; some shortages may occur
  • Prices will increase over the next 10 days due to limited supplies
  • Raw product quality is fair; decay, rusting, and water spots will further reduce yields
  • Growers are culling damaged acreage; limited stocks and elevated markets will persist for another two weeks
  • Damage continues to be assessed in Florida winter crops

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