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UPDATE: Grapefruit

April 01, 2016


Due to inconsistent weather during the Florida growing season, this year’s crop ended earlier than normal. Texas supplies remain on the market, but will diminish as the season comes to an end later this month. The California grapefruit harvest is in full swing. Prices are stable, yet will increase as the Texas season winds down in late April.



  • The California season is in full swing; approximately 50% of the Star Ruby variety has been harvested
    • Star Ruby supplies are known for sweet-tart flavor; sugar levels range from 10.5 to 11 Brix
    • This fruit has a thick yellow skin and rose blush color
    • Internal flesh is bright ruby red
    • Volume will peak in May and June; stocks will ship through July
    • The crop is dominated by 32- to 48-count sizes
  • The market is stable, but will rise as the Texas season ends
  • The summer Ruby harvest will run from early July through early October


  • The Florida season has ended
  • Inconsistent weather patterns throughout the growing season ended this year’s crop one to two weeks earlier than normal
  • New crop harvesting will start in October


  • Texas supplies remain on the market; the season will wind down in late April
    • Quality is good: flavor is sweet
    • Sugar levels average 10 Brix
    • Outer skin is yellow-orange, while internal flesh is deep red
    • The crop is dominated by 36-count and larger sizes
    • Choice-grade fruit is plentiful; fancy grade stocks are tighter
  • Prices will continue inch up as supplies decrease

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