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UPDATE: Grapefruit

October 23, 2015

Adequate supplies of new crop Arizona/California desert grapefruit are on the market. Florida and Texas grapefruit growers have started limited harvesting. Prices remain stable, but may rise due to heavy rains that are forecast in Texas over the next few days. Markon’s supplier of fresh-cut grapefruit products will transition to the Texas Rio variety within the next two weeks.



  • New crop Arizona/California desert Rio grapefruits are on the market
  • Quality is good
  • Fruit is exhibiting a light blush exterior and pinkish interior
  • Size is dominated by 40- to 56-count fruit
  • Supplies are adequate and will remain available through late December/early January
  • Limited quantities of Summer Marsh Ruby grapefruit are on the market, but the season is winding down
    • Growers will finish harvesting by early next week
    • Supplies will be depleted by October 31
    • Fruit is exhibiting a pale pink interior with a light orange to pink exterior


  • New crop supplies are available
  • Varieties include:
    • Flame – deep dark red interior and sweet flavor
    • Marsh White – white or pale interior and tangy flavor
    • Ruby Red – light red interior and sweet flavor
  • Quality is good
  • Available sizes range from 32- to 56-count
  • Prices are stable


  • Limited quantities of new crop Texas grapefruit are on the market
  • Inconsistent weather patterns are limiting harvests
    • Rain from Hurricane Patricia will stall production
    • Supplies will be limited for the next several weeks
  • Size is dominated by 48-count and smaller fruit
  • Product is available for loading in South Texas; transfers to California will start in two to three weeks
  • Fruit is exhibiting a light yellow to orange exterior and light red to red interior


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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