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UPDATE: Garlic

July 31, 2019

The domestic and imported (China, Mexico, and Spain) garlic markets are on the rise. Prices for Chinese peeled garlic have reached California peeled garlic contract levels. Ready-Set-Serve Peeled Garlic from California is available in 4/5-pound and 5-pound packs.

  • Import supplies are down
    • Tariffs are being implemented
    • The 2019 Chinese harvest is nearly finished; Chinese imports into the U.S. are down 30-35%
    • Acreage in Mexico and Spain is approximately 25% below normal this season
  • California‘s 2018 storage crop has been fully depleted; supplies have transitioned to 2019 fresh crop
  • Yields are average this year; availability is adequate at this time
  • Fresh crop supplies are not fully cured and dried
    • Stocks can be harder to peel and therefore prone to bruising
    • Expect more moisture than normal in finished packs
    • Stronger odor is noticeable compared to storage supplies
  • Domestic harvesting will finish in mid-September, at which point stocks will be put into storage for shipping through next summer
  • Supplies will tighten over the next several weeks; expect open-market pricing for domestic and imported garlic to rise this season

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