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UPDATE: Domestic Melons

June 22, 2016

California’s Westside melon season will begin in Bakersfield by June 29; Westside melons are grown on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley stretching from Bakersfield to Turlock. Growing conditions have been ideal over the past two months; ample supplies of all sizes are expected.


Expect active prices over the next 7 to 10 days as high temperatures in the Arizona growing regions are reducing yields. Industry demand will strengthen over the next week as the Independence Day holiday nears. Prices will continue increasing into early next week. Arizona production will continue through July 10, overlapping the Westside district start dates.


Cantaloupe and Honeydew

  • Markon First Crop Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melons are available in Arizona and California
  • Large sizes (9- to 12-count cantaloupe and 5- to 6-count honeydew) will dominate supplies; smaller sizes will be limited over the next week
  • The market will rise due to increased holiday demand
  • High temperatures, ranging from 112 to 117 degrees in the Arizona growing regions will reduce yields over the next week
    • Harvesting hours will be limited due to the extreme working conditions
    • Very hot weather can reduce the sugar content of the melons; levels will range between 9 and 11 Brix
  • Wind scarring will be a sporadic quality problem for the rest of the desert season, but will subside as production transitions north into the San Joaquin Valley
  • California Westside cantaloupe harvesting will start June 29
  • California Westside honeydew production will begin July 1


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