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UPDATE: Desert Region Rain

January 04, 2016


In anticipation of today’s rain, most Markon suppliers harvested over the weekend. This prepacking will ensure that today’s orders will be covered; loading delays are expected to be minimal tonight. More rain is forecast through the week, with heaviest amounts expected on Tuesday night and late Thursday/early Friday. Total precipitation is estimated to range from .50” to .75” by Friday evening.

  • Because the majority of suppliers canceled harvests today, loading delays are expected for tomorrow’s shipments
  • Weather challenges are expected all week; growers will pack ahead when possible
  • Epidermal blistering and peeling are problems that the rain will compound
  • Other rain-related quality problems include:
    • Excessive dirt/mud
    • High respiration rates/reduced shelf-life (in value-added packs)
    • Mechanical damage
    • Premature pinking
  • Expect prices to rise as supplies tighten due to limited harvesting hours and reduced yields
  • Markon inspectors will be working with harvesting crews to keep cartons as clean and dry as possible

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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