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UPDATE: Cold Weather in Eastern Idaho

December 31, 2014

December 29, 2014


Extremely cold weather is currently moving into Idaho potato production regions. A low of minus six degrees is forecast for today, December 29.  Temperatures as low as minus 13 degrees are forecast for Tuesday, December 30; wind chill warnings are also in effect. The extreme cold snap will persist through this entire week. Idaho weather should begin to improve Sunday, January 4 and become more viable for potato production next week. 

  • Temperatures need to be 18 degrees or warmer for five to seven hours of the day to transport potatoes to sheds for full production
  • Loading delays are likely due to short production windows, however it is difficult to gauge how severe the situation will get at this point
  • Growers do not ship potatoes to packing sheds when temperatures are below 18 degrees; doing so can cause internal and external bruising as well as black skins and flesh (located on the outer edges of potatoes and just under their skins)
  • Prices could increase if there are shortages

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