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UPDATE: Cold Temperatures in the Southeast

January 04, 2018

Cold weather persists in the Southeast; low temperatures have dipped into the upper 20s/mid-30s.

  • Markon First Crop Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Squash are available in Florida
    • Prices will rise
    • Growers have either stopped harvesting or will reduce work hours due to near-freezing temperatures
    • Bell peppers and cucumbers will be extremely scarce this week; squash will be tight, but slightly more available
      • Honduran cucumbers are limited
      • Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is shipping adequate supplies of squash to the Florida and Georgia regions
    • Florida weather is expected to improve by Monday; daytime temperatures should reach the upper 70s and nighttime temperatures will be in the upper 50s
  • Cabbage supplies are extremely tight
  • The Georgia season has ended; Northern Florida stocks are limited due to freezing weather
  • Temperatures dropped to the upper 20s in Uvalde, Texas this week
  • Fields in South Texas are producing low volume; the market is rising
  • Tomorrow morning will be the coldest of the week
  • Potential damage could occur if temperatures drop below freezing for more than four hours
  • Tomato production has dropped as temperatures in Central Florida reached as low as 32 degrees

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