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UPDATE: Citrus

February 03, 2015

Markon First Crop (MFC) Lemons and Oranges are available; quality is very good. The Yuma, Arizona lemon season has started to wind down; expect supplies through February. California’s San Joaquin Valley season will finish by early March; growers are beginning to transition to Southern California new crop lemons. Warmer winter temperatures pushed bloom cycles ahead of schedule and caused fruit to mature earlier than normal. Prices are stable, but will increase as summer approaches. Mexican lemons will be on the market in August. This fruit will help ease demand not met by California supplies that are expected to be tight from August through December.

The California Navel orange season is at its peak. Large sizes dominate the crop, but smaller sizes will increase over the next few weeks when growers transition into new areas within the San Joaquin Valley. Oranges from Florida and Texas are on the market; both regions will switch to new crop Valencias over the next 7 to 10 days.


 MFC Lemons are available; quality is very good

o The Arizona/California desert growing region will run through February

o San Joaquin Valley supplies are diminishing; the season is winding down

o Demand is strong for 140-count and smaller fruit; stocks are tight

 New crop Southern California lemons are on the market

o The crop is dominated by 140-count and smaller fruit

o Smaller sizes from this area will help offset demand not met in the desert and San Joaquin Valley growing areas

o The majority of this crop is choice grade

 Prices are stable, but will rise as summer nears

California Oranges

 MFC Oranges are available; quality is very good

 Sizing structure will shift from 88-count and larger fruit to 113-count and smaller sizes over the next few weeks

o Growers are transitioning to new growing areas

o Cooler weather has slowed fruit maturity

 The market is stable

 Flavor is sweet and juice content is high

 The new crop California Valencia season is expected to start in April

Florida Oranges

 Growers are shifting to new crop Valencia oranges

 Quality is very good; flavor is sweet

 The Florida Valencia season will run through late May/early June

 The market is steady to slightly lower

Texas Oranges

 The Texas early orange season is winding down; supplies will be available through mid-February

o 113-count and smaller fruit is tight

o The crop is dominated by combo grade (fancy/choice) fruit

 The new crop Valencia season will start the week of February 16

o 113-count and smaller supplies will increase

o The Valencia season will run through mid-April

 Prices are firm at higher levels, but are expected to ease


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