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UPDATE: California Oranges

April 06, 2017

Markon First Crop and Markon Essentials Navel Oranges are available. Supplies are dominated by large sizes (88- and 72-count fruit); smaller sizes (113-count and smaller oranges) are tightening. Prices are expected to rise through the end of the Navel season (June).

The California Valencia season has started in a limited way. Crop estimates for the 2017 Valencia season are down considerably compared to last year due to decreased acreage and fewer pieces of fruit per tree, following last year’s bumper crop. Prices will be high and stocks will be limited.


  • The California Navel crop will end earlier than normal this year (approximately mid-June)
  • 113-count and smaller sizes are tightening; excess rain has caused fruit to grow in size
  • Stocks are dominated by 88- and 72-count sizes; 113-count and smaller sizes will be limited as the season winds down
  • Prices will continue to inch up


  • California Valencia acreage continues to decline year over year; growers are planting newer citrus varieties to meet consumer demands
  • The 2017 crop is down approximately 2,000 acres, a 6% decline over last year
  • Industry estimates for the total number of pieces of fruit per tree are down approximately 34%; last year was considered a high producing year (up 10% from the year prior)
  • The size curve is expected to favor large sizes; the crop will be dominated by 88-count and larger
  • Markon will begin transitioning to new crop Valencias in late April

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