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UPDATE: California Heat Wave

June 20, 2016

A significant high pressure ridge has caused abnormally high temperatures in the Southwestern states over the last few days and is expected to continue through the end of the month. Temperatures in the coastal regions of California’s Salinas Valley remain in the mid-70s to low 80s, but inland temperatures have climbed in the mid-80s to upper 90s with some areas in the triple digits.

The following heat-related defects are either already being observed by Markon inspectors or are expected to develop throughout the industry within the next few days as a result of the sustained, elevated temperatures:

  • Bottom rot
  • Dehydration
  • Elevated insect pressure
  • Fringe burn
  • Growth cracking
  • Inconsistent or dense texture
  • Insect damage
  • Internal burn
  • Mildew pressure
  • Premature pinking in value-added items
  • Protruding ribs
  • Rib blight
  • Sunburn
  • Sun scalding
  • Shortened shelf-life

Growers are scheduling harvesting crews much earlier in the morning in order to avoid packing during peak temperatures. Markon inspectors will monitor the quality of commodity and value-added items closely moving forward and will continue to update as needed. Ordering for quick turns is recommended; maintaining the cold chain throughout distribution is critical to maximizing the quality and shelf-life of commodity and value-added produce items.


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.



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