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UPDATE: California Citrus

January 02, 2015

Below-freezing temperatures in California’s San Joaquin Valley over the past few days have been welcomed by citrus growers. Cold weather will slow fruit maturity and increase availability of smaller fruit for the foodservice category. Temperatures need to be at or below 26 to 28 degrees, and sustained for four to six hours before causing damage; recent conditions have not met that criteria. A warming trend is expected this weekend.

  • Mild temperatures over the past few weeks sped up growth, leading to larger sizes
  • Grower-shippers are welcoming the cooler weather, as it has slowed the rate of maturity
    • Light supplies of smaller fruit were expected for mid- to late January
    • The cooler weather will increase availability of smaller fruit
  • Growers are taking precautions to help alleviate any chances of frost damage
    • Wind machines are being used to keep air circulating and temperatures elevated
    • Irrigation is being used where needed
    • Moisture in the soil from recent rains is keeping the ground warm
  • Markets are expected to remain stable

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