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UPDATE: Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Squash

July 24, 2015


Tight bell pepper, cucumber, and squash supplies persist. Inconsistent weather patterns, including variable temperatures and rain, are interrupting typical growth patterns. Green bell pepper prices are elevated, but will start inching down over the next two weeks, while red bell markets will begin to rise. Squash prices are high; the cucumber market is low.


East Coast

  • Michigan is the main production area during the summer, supplemented by North Carolina and Tennessee, as well as other regional crops
  • Unseasonably cold temperatures along with bouts of rain limiting supplies in Michigan
  • Green bell pepper production was expected to increase this week, but that has been pushed forward to early August
  • Smaller East Coast harvesting areas aren’t able to fill the supply gap, causing a demand-exceeds-supply situation
  • Cucumber and squash stocks are sufficient; minor defects from recent rain and wind may include scarring and softness


West Coast

  • California green bell pepper supplies are limited, but will increase over the next several weeks
  • Production is shifting to new fields in the San Joaquin Valley as well as coastal regions
  • Even though harvesting will start to increase next week, the market will remain elevated due to tight East Coast supplies
  • Mexican stocks (into South Texas) remain sporadic
  • Recent red and yellow bell pepper prices have been stable, but they will start to rise next week
  • Current fields are past peak production
  • New San Joaquin Valley and coastal fields will be harvested in 10 to 14 days
  • Squash supplies are tight; prices will remain elevated for one to two more weeks
  • The cucumber market is inching down; stocks from Baja, Mexico have increased


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