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UPDATE: Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Squash

September 27, 2018

West Coast and Mexico

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Squash are limited; packer label is being substituted as needed
  • West Coast supplies have begun their transition south from California down to Mexico for the winter months
  • A very limited supply of cucumbers and squash from Mexico are crossing into Nogales, Arizona
    • The crop is slowly ramping up with limited availability for the next two weeks, pending rain and wet field conditions
    • Steady volume is expected the week of October 15
  • Mexican green bell peppers will begin crossing into Nogales in a limited capacity the week of October 15
  • Steady volume is expected the week of October 29
  • The California desert will have adequate supply to cover demand until Mexico ramps up
  • Some South Texas shippers are expected to experience a bell pepper harvesting gap during this time
  • Supplies will increase October 29 once the same Mexican growing region servicing Nogales begins servicing South Texas
  • Mexican green bell peppers crossing into South Texas will be very tight for the next four to five weeks as the crop transitions between growing regions in Mexico
  • Cucumber and squash prices are especially high, but will begin easing soon; order for quick turns
  • Expect active markets for the next two to four weeks while crops transition

East Coast

  • MFC Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Squash will be available the week of October 1
  • Eastern supplies are nearly finished transitioning from Michigan, New Jersey, and North Carolina, down to South Carolina and Georgia
  • Cucumbers and squash production is wrapping up in Michigan this week
    • Georgia is the primary growing region on the East Coast, but supplies remain tight
    • Expect availability to improve over the next few weeks with favorable weather in the forecast
  • Michigan green bell peppers will be harvested for approximately one more week
  • Supplies are limited and quality is average for the end of the season
  • Cold weather has slowed harvesting; the crop is dominated by large and medium sizes
  • Supplies will be tight for the first seven to ten days
  • New crop Georgia stocks will mainly consist of extra-large and jumbo sizes at the beginning of the season
  • Georgia green bell production will begin in a limited manner the week of October 1
  • Expect elevated markets for the next two weeks until new crop Georgia supplies ramp up

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