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UPDATE: Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Squash

January 27, 2016


Prices are elevated, especially the market for yellow squash. Rain and cool temperatures continue to dominate East Coast forecasts. Improved weather in regions of Southern Mexico has increased supplies and will slowly ease prices. Even though some markets are starting to inch down, prices may rebound next week as the Northeast recovers from Winter Storm Jonas and demand returns to typical levels.



  • A daily chance of showers looms in the forecast for the next two weeks in several growing regions, including Homestead and Loxahatchee
  • Rain will continue to slow harvests; cool temperatures will continue to stunt plant growth
  • Strong winds will cause bloom drop and further prolong shortages
  • Increasing supplies from Mexico will help ease Florida prices over the next two to three weeks
  • Cucumbers from the Dominican Republic will supplement domestic supplies and help ease prices
  • Expect shortened shelf-life and quality issues such as bruising and stem decay in bell peppers and light color and scarring in cucumbers and squash


  • Weather in the southern region of Culiacan, Mexico is reaching optimum levels
  • Bell pepper and cucumber supplies are slowly increasing, resulting in lower prices
  • Damage from rain and cold temperatures in December and January is most prevalent in squash supplies, especially yellow squash
  • Many squash fields were replanted; limited stocks are forecast through February
  • Quality will continue to improve as volume rises

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