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UPDATE: Bell Peppers

July 08, 2016

Green bell pepper prices will ease on both coasts over the next 10 days; supplies are increasing in California’s San Joaquin Valley, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Red bell peppers will remain limited over the next two weeks. Markets will remain elevated as production winds down in Bakersfield and new crops ramp up in the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast regions.


Green Bell Peppers

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials Green Bell Peppers are available in California and Tennessee
  • Supplies will increase on both coasts over the next two weeks  
  • East Coast production is underway in North Carolina and Tennessee; harvesting will transition north to Michigan by late July
    • Moderate rainfall is forecast in North Carolina and Tennessee for the next two days
    • Harvesting delays may occur, depending on actual precipitation totals
  • California’s San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast areas will remain the primary West Coast growing regions through the summer
  • West Coast quality is excellent; bruising may be present on East Coast stocks due to weather

Red Bell Peppers

  • MFC Red Bell Peppers are sporadic
  • Expect low volume over the next two weeks
  • Production will wind down in Bakersfield by late July; harvests will begin in Fresno and Oxnard by the end of July
  • Temperatures as high as 108 degrees will cause quality problems such early breakdown and stip (dark, sunken spots)
  • The market will remain elevated for the next two weeks

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