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UPDATE: Bell Peppers

April 07, 2016


Green bell pepper supplies will increase in Coachella, California over the next two weeks. Mexican supplies (into Arizona and South Texas) are sufficient, but the season will wind down by early May. Large sizes are limited in both regions. East Coast supplies will be tight for the next two to three weeks due to excessive rains throughout the winter months. Regions in Central and Northern Florida will begin new crop harvesting by early May, boosting volume to normal seasonal levels. Prices will begin to ease by early next week as Coachella production increases and loosens the demand on Mexican stocks. Red bell pepper harvests will begin in Coachella by May 1. Ample supplies out of Mexico will continue crossing into Arizona and South Texas; prices will remain steady until the Mexican season wraps up in mid-May.


Green Bell Peppers

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Green Bell Peppers are available in California, Florida, and Mexico (into Nogales, Arizona and South Texas)
  • Mexican supplies are adequate; increased East Coast demand is keeping markets active
  • Small sizes dominate stocks
  • Extra-large and large peppers are limited
  • Quality is good, however warmer weather over the next week in Sinaloa, Mexico may cause thin walls and sun scalding
  • The market will slowly ease over the next two weeks as production increases on both coasts

Red Bell Peppers

  • MFC Red Bell Peppers are available from Mexico (into Nogales and South Texas)
  • MFC Red Bell Peppers will be available in Coachella, California by May 13
  • Mexican supplies will be on the market through late May; warm nighttime temperatures in Sinaloa have promoted growth
  • Expect steady prices over the next two weeks

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