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UPDATE: Bell Peppers

October 13, 2016

Green bell pepper supplies are ample on both coasts. Georgia production continues to ramp up; the region experienced little to no impact from Hurricane Matthew. The South Florida harvest is on track to start this week. California production will wind down on the Central Coast over the next two weeks; the fall harvest in the Coachella Valley has already begun.


Red bell pepper supplies will wind down in Oxnard, California by late October. Prices will rise over the next two to three weeks. Harvesting in the Coachella Valley and Northern Mexico is slated to start by mid-November. Expect prices to inch up over the next three weeks. Yellow bell peppers are extremely limited. The market will spike over the next week as availably becomes scarce. Higher volume is expected in two to three weeks.


Green Bell Peppers

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Green Bell Peppers are available to load in California and Georgia
  • Prices will slowly inch down over the next few weeks as stocks become more plentiful on both coasts
  • Harvesting will increase in Mexico in early November
  • Quality is excellent: color is dark green, walls are thick, and flavor is zesty

Red Bell Peppers

  • MFC Red Bell Peppers are available in California
  • California’s San Joaquin Valley and coastal crops are winding down; defects may include shriveling, occasional decay, and shortened shelf-life
  • The Coachella Valley season will start in two weeks; expect more plentiful supplies by mid-November
  • Mexican stocks will help meet demand in mid-December, but volume will be low until the main growing region of Culiacan starts in early January

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