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UPDATE: Bell Peppers

September 13, 2016

The bell pepper market is rising. Growing regions in Eastern Canada, Michigan, and Ohio are winding down, shifting demand to the West Coast. A warmer-than-average summer season has pushed harvesting ahead of schedule; rainy weather over the past 10 days has reduced yields in North Carolina and Tennessee. Harvests are set to start in Georgia in two weeks. California supplies are adequate, but increased demand will push up prices through September. Coastal regions including Gilroy, Hollister, and Oxnard will produce sufficient stocks through late October.


Green Bell Peppers

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Green Bell Peppers are available in California and Tennessee
  • The market will climb over the next two weeks while regional growing areas in the Northeastern U.S. wrap up
  • West Coast supplies are steady, but strong demand will push up prices through early October
  • Quality is best in California; pepper walls are thick and texture is firm
  • Rainy weather along the East Coast will cause occasional decay issues
  • Mexican stocks (into South Texas) are limited; quality is average
  • Winter production will begin in early November

Red Bell Peppers

  • MFC Red Bell Peppers are sporadic; ESS Red Bell Peppers are available in California
  • West Coast markets are stable; prices will remain low for the next 10 days, then rebound by late September
  • Supplies are expected to tighten as cooler weather reaches the coastal growing regions over the next three weeks
  • California production will continue in Oxnard and Hollister through late October
  • Quality is very good: walls are thick and color is deep red

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