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UPDATE: Baby Bite-Size Marble and Fingerling Potatoes

June 24, 2015


Baby bite-size marble and fingerling potatoes are now available in multiple colors and sizes. These small, tender potatoes are popular with chefs and consumers as they can be eaten in one bite. They are ideal in appetizers and side dishes. Available year-round, they have a stable shelf-life and consistent price.


  • Baby bite-size marble and fingerling potatoes are available year-round from Bakersfield, California; comparable sizes and packs can also be ordered year-round from Idaho and Wisconsin
  • Size and FOB pricing (attached) will remain stable through this year, but because product is subject to availability, slight price increases may occur during the transitional time periods of September/October and April/May 
  • Tasteful Selection varieties from California and Wisconsin include: White Delight, Ruby Sensation, Purple Passion, Golden Temptation, Honey Gold, and Sunrise Medley
  • Fingerling varieties from California and Wisconsin include: Ruby, Purple, Golden, and Sunset
  • The items below can be transferred to 4Earth (Los Angeles, California) for $100.00 per pallet space (even if an entire pallet is not ordered)
    • 10 pound = 140 boxes per pallet
    • 20 pound = 80 boxes per pallet
    • 40 pound = 64 boxes per pallet
    • 50 pound = 49 boxes per pallet    
  • To transfer, a lead time of two business days prior to loading at 4Earth is required
  • Markon suggests storing product at approximately 39 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in a dark room
  • Minimum shelf-life is three weeks from pack date
  • Recommended foodservice packs include 10- and 50-pound cartons 


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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